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Dream with Eyes Wide Open


If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!


Some beautiful 3/4” raw faced amethyst plugs for one of my customers. Evolve always makes such nice jewelry!

Did mah makeup todayyyyy. #freshface #makeup #curls #michigan

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nah but really im needy and cant be left alone or i get super sad so i need a warm chest to lie on and forehead kisses

June is kneading my hip. 😊 #june #juniper #kitty #cat



lets just lay in our underwear and make out for hours


Seriously girls, this is REALLY important, especially if you’re still a virgin and you’re freaking out about this. Boys may be scared about it too, so why not take a look at it?

Damn it I wish I knew that before!! Whatever, it’s still a great information to know about.


On every single Laci Green video there’s about a hundred dudes that always feel the need to comment their opinion about Laci’s beautiful natural armpits. So, naturally, I felt the need to shut a dudebro down today.

That final comment tho.




Cherry Blossom Tree - Original Watercolor Painting by 10 by cat2owl HERE on Etsy  (via: YadiradeRosas on pinterest)  


Pet fish likes to be tossed. [video]

Uh. This wasn’t my idea of “small” okay. Who considers this a small? André the Giant? Geeeeeeez!! #icecreamfordays

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By far the most stressful thing I’ve done. My anxiety is spiked to hell. I loooooooove the mild temperature and beautiful campus. Not a fan of having no idea where my classes are lol. #stress #anxiety #msu #love #happiness

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